Ignatius Award

Spirit. Intellect. Purpose. All three are personified in SJU’s recipients of The Ignatius Award, established in the Ignatian year 1991. This award recognizes a graduate within the last 20 years who has devoted efforts in the service and promotion of Saint Joseph’s University and/or has lived a life of “service to others” consistent with the principles of Saint Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuit order.

Those we honor lead successful lives and act on their desire to accomplish the greater good. We are proud that they’ve continued to represent the ideals of Saint Joseph’s University as they’ve progressed in life. And, we are twice blessed by those who have made their mark on the University following their graduation to become lifelong members of our shared community.


Ignatius Award Recipients

 2014 Kristin Prinn '04
 2013 Mike Daniels ’00
 2012 Elizabeth Anne Ford ’99 MS ’00
 2011 Sean Patrick Sanford ’97
 2010 Daniel P. Gallagher ’94 
 2009 David Voell ’93 & Anthony (T.J.) Voell ’93 
 2008 Tom Brzozowski ’95 
 2007 Rev. Daniel R. Joyce, S.J. ’88 
 2006 James Keady ’93 & Leslie Kretzu ’96
 2005 Robert G. DelCasale ’85 
 2004 Martin F. Farrell ’88
 2003 Gina M. Mazzulla ’91
 2002 Meghan Rafferty Sgro ’93 
 2001 Daniel H. Conway, Jr., M.D. ’88 
 2000 Richard J. Devine ’82 
 1999 Richard J. Brennan III ’81
 1998 Daniel J. Hilferty III ’78
 1997 Patrick J. McCormick ’79
 1996 Marcellus (Boo) S. Williams ’81
 1995 Michael J. Hare ’83 
 1994 Patricia Foy Martin ’83
 1993 Teresa Knoll Boyle ’84
 1992 Patricia E. McElwee Mahoney ’76
 1991 Joseph M. Oberlies, Esq. ’79


For more information about Saint Joseph’s Alumni Service Awards or to nominate an individual, contact the Office of Advancement at (610) 660-2300 or alumni@sju.edu.

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