Maura Southwell ’13

For decades biology has been regarded as one of Saint Joseph’s most demanding majors. Now students, like Maura Southwell ’13, who are interested in getting a headstart on their studies are able to do so through the department’s BEAGLE Program at Camp Darwin.

“The BEAGLE Program offers a really great opportunity for students to get a first look into what a biology college major really is,” relates Southwell.

Launched in 2009 and named in part after the ship on which Charles Darwin sailed, BEAGLE stands for Biology Experience Aimed at Growth Learning and Excellence. The intensive four-day program for incoming freshmen biology and chemical biology majors, aims to help students make the transition to college-level academics, develop effective study skills and understand the pace and rigor of science courses at the University.

“Incoming freshman have an idea of what college is like,” adds the Philadelphia native, who aspires to become a veterinarian, “and then they get there and it may be what they are thinking, but it’s usually completely different.”

One of the additional benefits of the program is the ability to move into the dorms early, which allows incoming freshmen to be introduced to SJU’s renowned faculty and other successful students.

“I love the biology department faculty, their doors are always open, you’re welcome to go in,” adds Southwell. “They are so willing to help their students and also they are really great teachers. “

Thanks to the BEAGLE program, students like Maura Southwell are better prepared to tackle the biology major and pursue a career in the sciences. Your participation and gift to the Saint Joseph’s Fund assures that innovative academic initiatives are available for current and future students.