SJU Graduates Serve the Community

Is there a desire to do something more?

The Faith-Justice Institute  provides information on volunteer/lay mission programs with both domestic and international communities. Representatives from a number of these programs are invited periodically to campus to recruit volunteers and network with partner organizations.


Graduates of Saint Joseph's University live their faith by serving as Jesuit Volunteers

The Jesuit Volunteer Corps is pleased to announce that ten graduates from Saint Joseph's University have committed to be Jesuit Volunteers and as such to live simply, to deepen their faith through communal and personal prayer, to grow within a conscious community, and to tackle injustices as they work with people living in poverty or on the margins of society. Based in four core values -- social justice, simple living, community, and spirituality -- JVC provides the cornerstone for living out one's commitment to faith and justice.

In all, about 250 volunteers work each year in the United States and in seven countries around the world. In the United States, Jesuit Volunteers minister by teaching students of all ages, providing legal services, working with refugees and immigrants, serving with social services and at community centers, organizing in low-income communities and caring for people with HIV/AIDS. Jesuit Volunteer communities live in urban settings such as Detroit, Chicago, Boston, New York, Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle and in rural settings in Texas, Alaska and a Native American reservation in Montana.


Sarah Carey

Michael Gambone, teaches religion at Christ the King Preparatory High School in Newark, NJ

Julie Gilbert, lives in Syracuse, NY, and works as a Volunteer and Guest Services Coordinator at the Samaritan Center

Kelly Grace, serves as the health teacher and family ties coordinator at Our Lady of Black Rock School, as a volunteer at the Diocesan Service Corps in Buffalo, NY

Joe Laverty, is an organizer for Hartford Areas Rally Together (HART) in Hartford, CT

Christopher Moore

Lee Mordell

Ali Mungan

Trinica Nauman

Katie T


Saint Joseph's University graduate serving the community with Philly Fellows

Philly Fellows is a year-long post-graduate fellowship program offered to top graduates of Philadelphia-area colleges and universities. These students are given the opportunity to engage in many diverse non-profit agencies throughout the city. Philly Fellows brings together the college, civic, non-profit, and corporate communities to accomplish the dual mission of encouraging young, educated graduates to remain in Philadelphia while empowering the city's cultural, educational, and social organizations.

Tim Atwood, serves as a Youth Program Coordinator for After School Activities Partnerships


Graduates of SJU serve neighborhoods of Philadelphia as City Year volunteers

City Year Philadelphia volunteers serve as tutors and mentors in high-need neighborhoods, acting as powerful role models to youth while creating solutions to community problems. Since being founded in 1997, City Year Philadelphia has impacted the lives of more than 100,000 children. Furthermore, it has provided more than 2,000,000 hours of service to the community, engaged 25,000 volunteers through events across the city, and generated more than $5,000,000 in education awards.

Katie Dalton

Maegan Gallager

Bobby Signs


Saint Joseph's University graduate signs on with Teach for America

Teach for America is a national organization of outstanding recent college graduates and professionals from all academic majors and career pursuits. Volunteers commit to two years of teaching in urban and rural public schools, while striving for the long term goal of eliminating educational inequality. Corps members work tirelessly to ensure that more students growing up today in the nation's lowest-income communities are given the educational opportunities they deserve.

Lauren Davis


Saint Joseph's University graduates join the ranks of AmeriCorps

AmeriCorps offers a wide range of service opportunities for adults of all ages and backgrounds through a network of partnerships with local and national nonprofit groups. Each year, approximately 75,000 volunteers focus their efforts in areas such as fighting illiteracy, improving health services, managing and operating after-school programs, and helping communities respond to disasters.

Bill Gwynn, will serve in a 10-month program, traveling to new projects every six weeks, ranging from disaster relief in the Gulf Coast to environmental clean-up

Alexander Kwasny


SJU graduate contributes to environmental efforts by serving in Green Corps

Green Corps celebrates its fifteenth anniversary of training organizers for the environmental movement. Since its founding in 1992, Green Corps has trained more than 200 environmental organizers, provided field support for over 100 campaigns, and helped achieve dozens of significant victories in conservation, corporate accountability, and public health.

The one-year program divides intensive classroom instruction with multiple campaign efforts. Trainees gain valuable hands-on experience as they run field campaigns in order to win environmental protections and public health initiatives. At the end of training, trainees are established in permanent positions with leading environmental and social change groups.

Katy Keifer 


SJU graduate travels to South America as a volunteer for LeticiaWorks in Mancora, Peru

LeticiaWorks is a non-profit organization that works within the community of Mancora, Peru which aims to address the needs of the most marginalized neighborhood in Mancora (Leticia). The organization uses the soup kitchen in Leticia as a community center in which it offers courses focused on personal and career development. All courses are taught not only by the American volunteers but also by local Mancorean people. 

Lynn Panepinto,  Established the organization and will teach courses on personal and career development to children and adults