Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is my site and will transportation to and from the site be provided?
    You can pick your site so your service is close to home or you can pick the social cause you want. You will receive specific information from your site leader and the Alumni Office. Students will be transported from campus, alumni/parents/etc are asked to provide their own transportation.

  2. Will food be provided? Can I bring my own food?
    This is dependent on the site you will be attending. All are welcome to bring food/drinks with them and more specifics will be communicated from your site leader. Most Philadelphia sites will finish by 12:30 pm. At that time, all volunteers are invited to a celebration on campus where food will be provided.

  3. How long is the community day?
    Community Day starts at each site at 9:30 and goes until 12:30. Some sites may start earlier or run later but the majority of projects run as listed above.

  4. What does the $10 fee go towards?
    The fee pays for (a) t-shirts and (b) administrative costs such as transporting students and minimal supplies necessary for the day of service.

  5. What if the site I want is already full?
    Unfortunately, based on the size of the facility and the magnitude of the project, some of our sites have limits to the number of volunteers they can accept. We encourage you to branch out and try a different site.

  6. Who will I be volunteering with at my site?
    National Community Day is open to students, alumni, faculty, staff, prospective students and friends of Saint Joseph’s University as well as their families. Each site will vary in the make up of volunteers.

  7. What do I need to bring with me on Global Community Day?
    Each site has different requirements regarding what to bring. You should check on your project’s specific site for particular information.

  8. What if I cannot stay the whole time?
    You should plan to be there the entire day. If this is not possible, please communicate this with your site leader prior to the day of service.

  9. Will supplies for the project be provided?
    Each site has different requirements regarding supplies. You should check on your project’s specific site for particular information.

  10. Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
    Each site has a site coordinator that is designated on the website. That person will be in touch with you, but you should feel free to contact that person with any questions and/or concerns that you may have. You may also contact

  11. Will there be any reflection associated with the service project?
    For those serving in the Greater Philadelphia Area, a reflection takes place on campus before and after the day of service. More information will be communicated to those within driving distance.

  12. Can I bring friends, children or others family members?
    All are welcome. Certain sites have restrictions for younger children but that will be noted in the information on the registration site.

  13. Who organized and is sponsoring Global Community Day?
    In 2007 the student body started Community Day and in 2008 the National Alumni Board started a National Day of Service. Today, students and alumni continue to work together to organize Global Community Day!