Site Leader Resource Center

If you are interested in being a ‘site leader' for the first time for Global Community Day but you don't want to sign up until you know exactly what you are signing up for, the information below will provide more information. Please look over the following details and contact if you have any additional questions or to sign up to be a site leader.

What is Global Community Day?

Global Community Day is a day when Hawks across the globe gather to do service in their communities. This day is open to alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, prospective students and friends of the University - anyone that wants to do service with the Hawks are welcome and encouraged to join!

What is a site leader?

Site leaders are the backbone of Global Community Day. A site leader finds an organization in their area that could use the assistance of volunteers on the morning of Community Day. It is important for the site leader to find out the following information and fill out the Site Registration Form

  • Description of Site/ Organization
  • Description of work to be done
  • Volunteer Information (how many volunteers can be accommodated; are there any age or ability restrictions?)
  • Name of Contact at Site
  • Site Contact Phone
  • Site website

How does a site leader get people to sign up for their site?

The University will set up an online registration page and will send emails to Hawks living in and around their area encouraging them to sign up to join the site that day. The site leader should also send emails, Facebook messages and make phone calls to friends, neighbors, colleagues and family members to encourage them to sign up on the registration page as well.

What else is expected of a site leader between now and GCD?

30-minute conference calls will be held monthly for all site leaders. Please plan to join these calls as they serve as great opportunities to ask questions and to learn more about what you can expect.