National Alumni Board

Vibrant leadership with a voice in the future: This key role defines the National Alumni Board (NAB) that governs and directs the SJU Alumni Association. Working side-by-side with the Office of Alumni Relations, the NAB facilitates strong affiliations among alumni, students, staff and friends of Saint Joseph’s.

NAB members serve as ambassadors and liaisons, maintaining the mission of the Alumni Association, as they:

  • work with the SJU Admissions Office to identify the next generation of SJU students
  • partner with the Career Center to strengthen our alumni professional network
  • advise SJU on how to use next generation technology to provide services and information to our alumni, parents and friends
  • develop programs to mentor today’s students
  • expand our national network of Affinity Chapters and Regional Clubs to engage our alumni
  • identify and attract future leaders to the alumni network
  • create programs to connect with recent alumni

The NAB supports Saint Joseph’s overall interests among the entire alumni community and in the world at large. Our combined membership represents a broad diversity of college and departmental affiliations, class years, geographies and personal backgrounds. 

Interested in Getting Involved?

Anticipate a rewarding experience, but one that requires commitment. Members serve on the board for a minimum of two years, with some serving up to four years. A hands-on working board, the NAB meets twice yearly with more frequent committee meetings in between. Work is divided among board members according to committee assignment.

We value all alumni and welcome anyone who volunteers to commit their time and talents to help SJU fulfill our mission. We offer many ways to serve, either as a member of the National Alumni Board or by working on a specific program or committee.

The NAB has recently taken on new members; yet, with commitments to serve being met each year, we’re constantly on the look-out for future leaders. Our slogan is simple: It’s fun! Join us!


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