SJU Connects

SJU Connects is a new online platform powered by Evisors that facilitates one-to-one career consultations among SJU alumni, students, parents and friends.

How It Works
Advisors can select the types of consultations they are willing to provide. There are three ways you can share your expertise:

Help students practice for that big interview.

Talk directly to SJU students about your experience in their career fields of interest, covering topics such as industry and employer insights or a graduate/professional school search.

Review students' resumes and give inline recommendations and high level advice.

How to Register
Alumni can register to advise students on the SJU Connects platform. Alumni who wish to use the platform to seek advice should complete this form.
  • Register as an advisor: Go to the SJU Connects platform and complete the five-minute registration process. We recommend importing your professional information from LinkedIn if you have a LinkedIn account, supplementing this information as necessary. Once entered, all of your personal contact information will remain private. 
  • Select your availability: A convenient calendar tool allows you to identify when you are available for consultations. Set your profile to "active" or "inactive" based on your schedule.
  • Share your expertise: Once a student or alumnus/a advisee selects your profile, SJU Connects takes it from there--from scheduling the phone or online meeting to collecting feedback following the consultation.

Students can register through the Career Development Center.

Who Can Join
All SJU alumni are encouraged to volunteer to join SJU Connects. If we cannot verify your connection to the University, we will reach out to request information on your affiliation before approving your profile.  Parents and close friends of the University, if interested, can contact to learn more about how to get involved.

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Email or call (610) 660-2300.