Lindback Award Nomination

Lindback Award Nomination

The Lindback Award will be given at Commencement in May 2015.  We earnestly seek your help in giving this prestigious award to one of our deserving faculty members.

In 1997, the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching published a report, “Scholarship Assessed:  Evaluation of the Professoriate,” which asserted that a common set of standards ought to be used to consider achievement in teaching, research, and service.  The report posits a set of six standards to be used uniformly in measuring faculty work, no matter what area of concern.  The current Lindback Committee, in seeking nominations regarding faculty who should be considered for this year’s Lindback Award, would like to suggest that the report’s six standards, listed below, might well constitute a fair norm for deliberations about excellence in teaching:

  1. clear goals
  2. adequate preparation
  3. appropriate methods
  4. significant results
  5. effective presentation
  6. reflective critique

Student evaluations of teaching are conducted regularly.  Teaching performance is measured carefully at the time of tenure and promotion.  Outstanding teachers should be respected by students, graduates, and colleagues. The Lindback Award is a widely recognized and deeply valued honor for excellence in teaching, an honor which can be conferred but once upon any teacher.  On the basis of what you know about the teaching of our faculty, in relationship to the standards listed above, we would ask you to nominate one of the tenure-track faculty for the 2014-2015 Lindback Award. A viable nomination will include a substantive rationale for the nominee.

Deadline for nominations: April 17, 2015

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